Shuttle Bugger

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cherry Creek, Yosemite National Park, CA


Hello Usernames

Hello guys and gals,

Pls post ur Hello usernames so that we can share pictures directly. My Hello username is yeowloye.


Jerri, my Cocker Spaniel...rgrds Ronnie


Calling all shuttle bugs!

Lets BLOG!


New Year, 2005

The passion of the diary-writing is dead, long live the diary. It seems that the vanity project of creating a permanent record of your daily life is no longer something which must be contained in leather-bound, padlocked, stuffed-under-the-mattress pages.
To BLOG is to be man.

Weblogs, or blogs (web diaries), are the recordings of the great of modern society. Anyone can set up a web page and fill it with their daily musings, links to a few of their favourite things and a little too much detail about their private life if they are so inclined. Not only do millions of people do it, millions more log on to read it.

Diary writing is now simply blog-standard.
So guys and gals, we should keep this as our group tradition...